WTW Cinemas

At CHAOS Digital, we don’t just capture moments; we create narratives. Our collaboration with WTW Cinemas is not merely a series of interviews; it’s an artistic dialogue that bridges cinema and community. Meeting on a regular monthly basis with the local cinema group’s manager, we transcend traditional interviews by choosing locations that breathe life into the conversation, be it at the cinema or a local point of interest. With our multi-camera set, professional lighting, and high-quality microphones, we don’t just record; we immerse ourselves and our audience in the world of cinema.

But our journey with WTW Cinemas goes beyond capturing interviews. At CHAOS, we believe in the power of storytelling, and our editing work reflects this ethos. Producing a high-quality piece is more than a technical task for us; it’s an opportunity to innovate and redefine the way audiences engage with upcoming movie releases. By skilfully splicing clips of the subject throughout, we offer a fresh and engaging perspective that breaks down barriers between films and fans.

Our partnership with WTW Cinemas is more than a client relationship; it’s a shared mission to revolutionize how cinema is experienced and celebrated. At CHAOS Digital, we’re committed to connecting people with the magic of movies, fostering growth, and building trust within our community. Our collaboration is a testament to our values, where we believe in co-creation, education, and outreach. It’s not just about showcasing films; it’s about sharing a passion for storytelling, creativity, and the unique offerings that make us a go-to hub for Cornwall. Together with WTW Cinemas, we’re redefining cinema, one engaging interview at a time.

Content Produced and Edited by CHAOS Digital