CAHSC - Care Awards 2022

Born from the desire to revolutionize communication, CHAOS Digital went all-in at the CAHSC – Care Awards 2022, providing an unforgettable live stream experience. It wasn’t just about broadcasting; it was about connecting, engaging, and sharing the event’s vibrant energy. Our talented team hosted the live stream with our very own CHAOS Digital presenters, conducting interviews that broke down barriers and put viewers at the heart of the action. Through Boxcast, YouTube, and Facebook, we reached a global audience, disrupting the status quo once again.

Our pre-event efforts weren’t just about preparation; they were about innovation and creativity. We crafted video content that was more than a supplement to the event – it was a catalyst for excitement and engagement. Social media coverage wasn’t an afterthought but a vital thread connecting the community and keeping the conversation alive. We didn’t just provide AV and tech support; we ensured a flawless execution that resonated with our commitment to quality and excellence.

At CHAOS, we believe in adding value and fostering growth. Our provision of the stage and large screen was more than logistics; it was about creating a visual spectacle that transcended the ordinary. The highlights reel we produced wasn’t just a recap; it was a testament to the unique offerings that once were the exclusive domain of commercial giants. Through collaboration, innovation, and our unwavering belief in the power of community, CHAOS Digital left an indelible mark on the Care Awards 2022, showcasing not just our services but our partnership with those we serve. Our values are not for sale, but they were shared, loud and clear, at this remarkable event.

Content Produced and Edited by CHAOS Digital